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SCWebinars.comGreat New Resource

I know some of you have heard about it but I really wanted to make sure you all know about Anthony Renna’s (from the Strength Coach Podcast) great new resource called Strength and Conditioning Webinars.

If you don’t know what a webinar is, it’s just a presentation that you watch and listen to on your computer. I have done two of them already and I have another one planned in a few weeks because I love the format.

What he will be doing is hosting at least 2 webinars a month with coaches like me, Alwyn Cosgrove and Gray Cook. He will also be
adding bonus webinars all the time. If you listen to the Strength Coach Podcast, you know that Anthony always over-delivers with Special episodes and features and he will be doing the same on

The best part is that he records them so you don’t have to be on the call to watch. You can watch anytime you like. If you are
as busy as I am, that is a great option.

There is also a forum (it’s the same format as for presenters to answer questions specifically about their topics.

Webinars are usually $25-30 for each one, and Anthony is really making them affordable. For only $29.99 a month, you will get 2-3 webinars each month and access to the presenter forums. That is a great price.

Even Better.
For the Pre-launch special right now, until Monday, June 8, you can sign up to become a member for $19.99 a month. If you want
to save even more money, sign up for the year at $199.

This month, Anthony has webinars scheduled with Tim Vagen (Shoulder Injuries), Tim Yuhas (Preventing ACL’s) and me (Understanding Sports Hernias). He is scheduling Gray Cook, Robert Dos Remedios, Eric Cressey, Nick Tumminello, Nick Winkelman, Charlie Weingroff, Dewey Nielson, Daniel Martinez, Frank Dolan, Geralyn Coopersmith and so many more for upcoming webinars.

Judging from Anthony’s work on the Strength Coach Podcast and, I know this is going to be a well run,
professional membership site with an incredible opportunity for you to stay up to date with all the current topics in Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training and Physical Therapy.

Do the math- if Anthony only does the 2 webinars he is guaranteeing each month (and I know he’ll do more, he already has them lined up) at $19.99 a month, that’s $240 for the year. That comes out to $10 a webinar. You can’t afford NOT to be part of

Remember, the pre-launch ends on Monday June 8 so go and sign up for $19.99 a month. You will be glad you did.

Between and, you will never have to leave home again!

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