Never Let Go

Never Let Go is the title of Dan John’s new book. If the first thing you think when you read this is “who’s Dan John”, you have some catching up to do. Dan might be my favorite writer in the world of strength and conditioning. Dan’s stuff is common sense and witty.

Here are few gems I wrote down while devouring Dan’s book this week.

On Diet – ” As a senior at Utah State I weighed 218 and threw the discus 190 ft.. Then I got some advice from the people at the Olympic Training Center. I needed carbs they advised and lots of them. They pointed to studies done on American distance runners. I should have followed the logic… Being an idiot I took the advice to eat like emaciated over-trained sub-performers. It took years of high carb grazing to learn the evils of this advice.”

On Physical Education- ” Today the wise leaders of our youth have banned rope climbing because it is dangerous. Guns, drugs and bombs make it into high school but, rope climbing is dangerous.”

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4 Responses to “Never Let Go”

  1. The “On diet” paragraph above is very similar to my experiences as a weightlifter. I was weighing about 82kg and was not sure wether to compete in the 85’s or 77’s, so went to the sports dietician at my university and all i was told was “you are not eating enough carbs”. Funny enough in the space of 12months i was stuggling to make the weight in 94’s! In the last 2 yrs i have finally kicked this carb addiction and am back near 85kg……Hindsight is a wonderful word!

  2. I did the editing, meaning I read it every weekend, four weekends in a row, made changes, read it again… and never got sick of it. It’s definitely re-readable. :~)

    Dan said he’s writing a new book this year. I’m not sure if he’s started or what it’s to be about, but you know Dan… his goals somehow get done.

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Some are T-Nation reprints but, I still enjoy rereading them.

  4. Mike

    Thanks for the info. Dan john is a legend. Will definitely pick this up


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