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This week could be called “previously seen on T-Nation week” as two of the articles appeared first at Our first article this week is called Things I Never Did, Used to Do or Just Starting Doing Again. This article appeared a few months ago on t-nation but has never been published here.

The next article, Hypertrophy for Athletes should provoke some interesting dialogue on the forum. The article was written in response to the question “Mike, do you do hypertrophy training for your athletes?” I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

Our next article is another one I wrote called Is Sport Specific Training a Myth. This also appeared a few months ago on t-nation but, I want to share it with our readers who may not read that site. The article looks at the idea of “specific” exercises for each sport and whether this really makes sense. Just a quick thanks to Lou Schuler for editing all three. The man is a master.

Because two articles were previously published elsewhere I decided to throw in a bonus article. A Simple Drill for the Enhancement of the Athletic Reaction Time, Foot, and Hand Speed comes courtesy of my good friend Robert Panariello. Rob has a wealth of knowledge to share and brings up a great drill that athletes really enjoy.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is from my A Joint by Joint Approach to Warm-up and Training DVD. The Stability Ball Internal Rotation stretch is an excellent way to improve hip internal rotation mobility. With all the forum talk on hips I figure another good hip stretch is the way to go. The key here is to develop internal rotation with the hip in neutral or a slight degree of flexion. This will stretch the remaining 5 lateral rotators that attach to the ischium.


Also, a quick reminder. Today is the last day for the discount at . You can sign up today for $19.99 a month. The price goes up $10 tomorrow. This might be one of the best education ideas in a long time. As Anthony said, “never leave home again” if you don’t want to.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at  

Hope you enjoy the week.