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The Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Internship Experience with Sam Leahy: Preface and Move In Weekend

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This is our first “guest author” post. Sam Leahy, a member and forum contributor, is interning at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Once a week for the next ten weeks Sam will post about his experience.


Yesterday I received an email from Coach Boyle asking me if I would consider blogging about my summer internship at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. After plenty of thought I realized I could probably write volumes about such an amazing experience because one, I like to talk, two because MBSC is just downright AWESOME, and three, well, let’s just say Coach Boyle is kind of a big deal.

For the past 4 years I’ve been double majoring in Exercise Science and Physical Education and this is the first time I don’t have to take classes. So what else would I do with an unscheduled summer than the obvious choice, to intern at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning! For those of you out there who were privileged enough to intern at MBSC I’m sure you’ll find these blogs posts bringing back many similar memories. For the ones about to an internship or contemplating it, I highly suggest you read through these weekly posts as I’ll be giving you the behind the scenes look into one of the greatest training facilities in the world as well as all the epiphanies and insights gained. All together these weekly blog posts will be a hodgepodge of coaching experiences, shop talk, performance enhancement goodies, and Mike Boyle madness!!! But for this first entry, we’ll keep it a light hearted.

The Move In

I guess it goes without saying that an up and coming internship with Mike Boyle would have any up and coming strength coach’s adrenaline going. I think my blood pressure went up to pre-hypertensive levels with all the excitement and anticipation. The interns were scheduled to move into the intern house the weekend prior to staff training week. I arrived early that Friday morning and was I surprised. I expected to show up to some old raggedy shack or an old motel, but this place was no joke. For a summer housing unit I feel like I moved into the Crown Plaza hotel. This place is nice! If you’re one of those potential interns that care more about the summer housing than the actual training experience, this is the internship for you! Everyone has a private room with a queen sized bed, full size closet, and a few piece of hotel like furniture. Bedrooms are fully carpeted and everywhere else is nice hardwood floors or tile. It’s a double sided house so there’s two of everything, which is great. There are two kitchens, living rooms, 4 bathroom, and two laundry rooms.

Here are a couple snap shots and a video showing how performance enhancement specialists live in comfort and training greatness. . .