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This week we have a mixed bag of articles. First up is an article by Daniel Martinez called Principles of Volleyball Performance Training Part 1- Organization. Daniel is a brilliant young coach and frequent forum contributor. This is a very detailed look at the preparation process in general with particular emphasis on volleyball preparation. I would strongly recommend you read this article even if you don’t deal with volleyball. Much like Dewey Neilsen’s previous MMA article, this is just good stuff and the title might cause you to skip over it.

Next up is an article from Jennifer Lewis of Athletes’ Performance called Understanding Chronic Knee Pain Part 1- The “Why”. Jennifer has been kind enough to let me reprint these. This is a great overview article. Don’t miss it. Part 2 will run in two weeks.

Last up is a Sample Twelve Week Conditioning Program. The Jing screen capture program allows me to transfer Excel files to Word documents easily. A recent forum post about “finishers” got us around to things like volume and progression so, I thought I would post what I am currently doing with some of my athletes.

Bonus Article– In addition, we have a bonus article for the hockey strength coaches on the site. On-Ice Multi Directional Intervals for Hockey by Maria Mountain demos a great on-ice drill that combines the physical and mental aspects of the game.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is another longer look at the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat. As I have ranted about over and over, this is not a Bulgarian Lunge. It is neither Bulgarian, nor a lunge. However, I think this lift might be the future of our lower body training. It is extremely evident to me, as last week’s video showed, that my athletes can exceed fifty percent of their 1 RM in this lift. What this shows me is the limiting factor in squatting is the back, not the legs.

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