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Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. I know a lot of you will be heading to Vegas and the NSCA.  Have fun and make sure you post updates about the good stuff you learn. Also while you are there make sure to cast a vote for John Graham for NSCA President. He is a great guy and, one of us. John is a coach and will be a great leader.

First up this week is part 2 of Conditioning for Soccer from Renato Capobianco. Renato has been both a soccer coach at the highest level and a strength and conditioning coach so he brings a unique perspective. I think these articles are in the “must read” category for any strength and conditioning coaches or sport coaches as Renato’s unique perspective in having been on both sides of the issue really comes through.

Next up is an article I put together from a Facebook thread called Delinquent Athletes. This is actual communications from one week ago and provides excellent insight into what actually occurs in the field and how some coaches deal with it. Another “must read”.

Last up is a follow up to Delinquent Athletes. Team Training is Like Dog Training  was written a few years ago by Robb Rogers and appeared at . I think Robb’s thoughts reflect many of mine in this area and provide a great compliment to the previous article.

Video of the Week

Video of the week keeps us on our single leg strength theme. The video is one of Dewey Neilsen’s collegiate athlete performing a one leg squat with 135 lbs. He had 2 weight vests on. One was 25 lbs, one was 40 lbs. (65 total) 2 chains… 15 lbs each (30 total) and 2 -20 lbs dumbbells (40 total) for 135 lbs total.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at   Also make sure you check out This is another great educational vehicle that Anthony Renna of the Strength Coach Podcast is developing. Anthony has archived webinars on the site so you learn any time day or night without ever leaving your house. I recently recorded Understanding Sports Hernia for the site.

Hope you enjoy the week.



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