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This week we have some articles that relate directly to some forum activity. However, first up is my last Handicapping the Perform Better Summit. The Long Beach Summit is in two weeks and I can honestly say I am excited to go. As crazy as it sounds, I love the long plane ride. I charge two computer batteries and write for about 4 hours. You can get a lot done.

Vern Gambetta, Robert Dos Remedios, and Pete Freisen are just a few of the speakers I’m excited to see and hear. You can go to to sign up for this one.

Next up is another article from Patrick Ward. Stretching As Part of The Warm Up: Can We Make It Work? Patrick quickly put this together in response to an ongoing thread started by one of our young readers in England who is training for soccer. This type of stuff is what makes so unique. One of our “experts” pulls together a great piece on short notice that deals with a timely topic.

Last up is a brief look at what I am currently doing for warm-ups with my Boston University Hockey ( 2009 NCAA Champs) players. Another site member, Kerry in the UK, was asking about using circuits as warm-ups. We are doing exactly what Kerry has his players doing with great success. My piece is simply called Static Stretching and Mobility Circuits. I’m not even sure I can call it an article. The key to these circuits is Workout Muse BJ and Topher from Workout Muse develop music for Bootcamps. However, as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my warm-ups. Make sure to check out the site. I think you’ll like it.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is another look at the Rotational Inverted Row with the TRX.  I know we had a few versions from Dewey Neilsen a few weeks back. This one illustrates the hand position we talked about in the Podcast after Dewey’s videos went up. I prefer this style ( moving from internal rotation to external) as it is very “shoulder friendly”.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at  Also make sure you check out Anthony has archived  a bunch of webinars on the site so you learn any time day or night without ever leaving your house. I recently recorded Understanding Sports Hernia for the site. Anthony also said Frank Dolan’s webinar was excellent.

Hope you enjoy the week.



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