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The Idiots Are At Again- Part 3 Fittest Kid in America?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 1, 2009 by mboyle1959

Yes, someone, somewhere is running a contest called The Fittest Kid in America. The first age group is 5-6 year olds. In the wide world of stupidity, this might be a new high. Events include broad jump, vertical jump and pullups. Might be first time someone who wears pullups does pullups. I have no idea who in the youth fitness world would think this is a good idea. When are people going to realize that parents care about these contests, not kids. This is another chance for another crazy Mom or Dad to push their kid into another silly, inappropriate activity. Why can’t we have the America Playfest. At the America Playfest kids could be admitted to a large arena. Parents not allowed. The kids would have to make teams and organize their own games without parents. Now that is a good idea. The Fittest Kid in America is a foolish concept. Please boycott it and, tell all your friends.