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Never Stop Learning

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The following guest post was provided by my friend Pat Rigsby. You can get more info at www.patnick and


Last weekend at Perform Better I was once again
reminded of what separates the Elite from the

Not only are guys like Mike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove,
Robert Dos Remedios, Jason Brown, Eric Cressey
and others speakers...

...they're also students. 

Same goes for industry superstars like Rachel Cosgrove,
Valerie Waters and a host of others.

They sit in on other's talks, taking notes - continuing to

They're passionate about what they do, they work hard
and they're always trying to get better.

So you need to ask yourself - are you doing what they're

Are you studying, reading, testing and constantly
trying to get better at what you do - or are you
comfortable doing the same old stuff?

Are you going to events like Perform Better,
mentorships like the one the Cosgrove's host or
coming to Bootcamp Bootcamp?

If you're not you should be.

And while I know none of these are - books,
DVDs, Seminars and Mentorships - the question isn't
really 'What does it cost me to attend?'

The question is 'What does it cost me if I don't?'

There's never been a book I've bought for $15 that
didn't at least make me $16 and no seminar that
didn't pay me back more than the cost to attend. 

But I'm pretty sure that not reading a few of the books
I've read or missing a few of the conferences we've
attended would have cost our businesses hundreds
of thousands...maybe more.

Start thinking about your business this way - the way
some of the highest achievers in the industry do - and
you can achieve the same type of results they do.

Dedicated to your success - 


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