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Advice from Dan John

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2009 by mboyle1959

I mentioned Dan John’s book here a few weeks ago and wanted to mention it again. Never Let Go is a great read. Here is some more great advice from Dan:

• “Most of the advice you’re going to get out of me is simple stuff, but nobody does it! For example, everyone knows they should save some money, but take a look at how many broke people there are!”

• “The number one rule to being successful is showing up.” 

• Dan’s simple nutritional rules for athletes, weekend warriors, regular guys, and everyone else:

1. Protein with every meal

2. Fiber with every meal

3. Take your fish oils

4. Water should be your base beverage

• “One of the keys to being great at what you do (training) is that you have to understand that this is a long term investment. I’ve been in the game a long time, and to stay in it I’ve had to adopt this way of thinking, planning, and executing according to my goals.”

• “Look at your behaviors. Now, look at your goals. Do your behaviors match your goals?”

• “If your goal is to lose fat, what the hell are you doing out at the club at 1AM drinking with your buddies? If you want to beat me in the discus, you better practice throwing the discus!”

• Disclosure is making an honest assessment of what you have (skills, support group, equipment, etc.). If you have serious gaps, like not knowing how to squat or deadlift, take care of that today. Do you have a training partner? Someone you can rely on? This is one of your most underrated assets! Most people will rally up around you when you tell them you need help with a problem.

• Feedback can come in many forms, but two of the most valuable are:

1. Competing — You learn much more about yourself when you’re out on the field.

2. Before and after photos — These are yours to keep and they serve as a no-bull way to see your progress (or lack thereof).

• Keep the bars loaded and make training a habit. “I’ve got a gym in my garage and in my backyard. I call it the Murray Institute for Life Long Fitness — The MILF.”

• “The best model to help walk people through life’s journey is coaching. You call it whatever you want, but my sense of coaching is ‘walking together.'”

• “Make sure to pick good role models — you may just end up meeting them one day!”

• Try to uncover your blind spots.

• “I’ve come to some wonderful conclusions about myself after starting the Velocity Diet. I was blind to the fact that it was so easy to snack at random times of the day or drink too much alcohol. These blind spots of mine would have never come out into the light if it wasn’t for the V-Diet.”

• “After starting the V-Diet, I began to have erotic thoughts about hamburgers and lettuce!”

• “When you get to where you want to be, make sure to sit back and analyze the process. Focus on what you did right first, and what you could improve on next. Use your brain to be proactive and you’ll see how successful you can be.”

• “Most importantly, you need to have some fun. Enjoy yourself and reap what you sow.”

Buy Never Let Go, you’ll like it.