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First off, let me apologize. As is often the case I get articles sent in that are somewhat time sensitive. When I do, I often move articles to the next week. This was the case last week. I received another great piece from Carson Boddicker called The Perform Better Long Beach Awards.  This means we moved up Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers Unite by Joe Bonyai to this week. In addition to Carson’s article I also got a great review of the Summitt from MBSC alum and current Stanford Assistant Devan McConnell. One of the things I love about this site is all the great unsolicited stuff that just shows up in my in-box. So this week we have Devan’s article and Joe’s. Last up is Considerations and Training for Mixed Martial Arts by Dewey Neilsen. This is Dewey’s second MMA article for the site. Again a timely piece based on the forum activity on MMA training. Dewey always has great training insight and this article is more of the same.


PS- Remember, this is the lineup for the week. I get emails every week saying “I can’t find…” . The articles go up every day or every other day.

Video of the Week

I also messed up the order for Video of the week. Nick Tuminello’s Y-T-W_l series ran last week. The Shoulder Elevated Hip Lift will run either this week or next. In addition we have a video clip of 45 year old MBSC client Kristin Ward performing a one leg squat on an Airex Pad. We are adding this clip to our Female Strength section. Kristin is a wonderful example of what proper training will do.


Don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at  The podcast this week features a continuation of the Lumbar Flexion debate that has been so popular on the forum. 

Also make sure you check out Anthony has archived  a bunch of webinars on the site so you learn any time day or night without ever leaving your house.

Hope you enjoy the week.




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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Matt- Joe is a great writer. I’ve enjoyed all his stuff. You can search his name to read more articles.

  2. Matt Semrick Says:

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers Unite by Joe Bonyai. As a Personal Trainer with a Strength Coach mindset, it was a great read.

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