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First off, I need to acknowledge last weeks bonus article from Jim Reeves. Jim always has great, thoughtful stuff and his piece on Goalie Training was more of the same.

However, this week is Coaching Week. First up is another piece from Dewey Neilsen called Brilliant at the Basics. This is a quick look at what is really important in any training program, not just MMA and is a great follow up to Dewey’s recent article.

In keeping with the same theme the next article is Coaching 101 from Mike Robertson. Mike originally posted it on his newsletter but, was kind enough to let me post it on

Last up is Lessons in Effective Coaching from Carson Boddicker.

I love the articles that we get from young coaches that describe their learning experiences. All of the guys featured this week are young coaches who are actually writing about their experiences in the field. I don’t think there is a better teacher than a peer willing to share ideas and mistakes.  Although this is still the internet, these are real coaches who train real athletes.

Video of the Week

We also are finally getting to the Hip Lift videos we promised two weeks ago, In fact we are posting two versions. As usual Dewey Neilsen comes up with a creative way to load a great exercise.


As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at  The latest podcast features a continuation of the Lumbar Flexion debate that has been so popular on the forum. 

Also make sure you check out I’m doing a webinar tonight at 8 on Training Endurance Athletes that will be great for those who train endurance athletes.

Hope you enjoy the week.




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