“Dad You Were Tenth”

I know I already blogged about Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning being named to the Top 10 Gyms in America by Men’s Health

However what was better than that was my daughters reaction. I think it was TV host ( and Springfield College Alum) Art Linkletter who said “kids say the darnedest things”. As we looked at the news stand copy  I was elated by our position in the article. Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning was in the top right corner, the first name anyone would see when they looked at the article. I didn’t even notice that the Top Ten was actually in reverse order and that we were in fact listed as ten. Only one person noticed, my daughter. Her observation “Dad, what’s the big deal, you were 10th out of 10”. My morning dose of humility. Not tenth out of thousands, tenth out of ten,


8 Responses to ““Dad You Were Tenth””

  1. That’s what daughters are for! Come on now…;) I thouroughly enjoyed this bit! I can see me doing this to my Dad.

  2. love her…she’s your “mini me”

  3. Matt Smith Says:

    your daughter is fast becoming another Boyle legend!

  4. “Number 10 in your program, but number one in your heart” 😉

    Plus everyone knows that you’re never anything less than 1 or 1A, Coach Boyle………………and humility is something you have in spades, along with all of that knowledge and experience. Mind you I am not saying anything you don’t already know.

    Thanks for sharing the priceless reaction of your daughter.

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    No Dos. I saw the number. Thanks for the positive thoughts.

  6. Eileen Mack Says:

    Wow, way to bring you down, huh?? Funny as hell though!!

  7. HAHA! Actually I don’t think it was ranked at all…just a listing of the top 10. I’ll ask Adam Bornstein but that only makes sense MB! Luv ya!

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