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Another week begins on First up is an article from Keats Snideman called Defending Bilateral Movements. I love the way Keats thinks. We may not agree on everything but, his intellect and analytical ability shine through. Read with an open mind.

Next up is another guy who will make you think. I met Brett Contreras at the Perform Better Summitt in LA. He is a bit of a mad scientist, doing EMG experiments on himself in garage. In fact he wrote a 700 page ebook on glute training. Can anyone say “too much time on his hands”. I loved this article he called 9 Points of Contention for Mike Boyle. Brett is a guy who has really studied what I have written over the years and iis taking it to the next level. As you could see from last weeks hip lift video we are taking his ideas to heart.

Last up is another from Rob Panariello. Rob is a lot like me. He has a wealth of experience and is now moving out of the trenches to share. The ABC’s of Increased Running Speed in the Post-Operative Knee Athlete is another great read.

Video of the Week

Somehow we lost this first Hip Lift Video. This is a great beginner version as it adds some comfort. The BOSU is not intended to be an unstable surface but, a comfortable one for a beginner.


As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at I just finished listening to the audio of Born to Run ( number 2 on the NY Times nonfiction best seller list) . Make sure you listen to the Christopher MacDougal and Eric Ornton interviews. 

Also make sure you check out

Hope you enjoy the week.