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Inspiration from Strange Places

Posted in Random Thoughts on September 4, 2009 by mboyle1959

Inspiration can come from strange places. A few weeks ago my wife said “you should read the article in Parade Magazine about Ashton Kutcher”. My immediate response was “why?”. Her response was simple. “Just read it”. For those that are married you know that I followed instructions. For those that are single,  well you’ll learn.

Now in my mind Ashton Kutcher is famous for only one thing, marrying Demi Moore. Not a bad accomplishment but, I draw very limited inspiration from thirty one year old actors with older wives. However as I  read the article my admiration actually grew. Kutcher was a small town boy who left Cedar Rapids, Iowa to become a model at 19. The guy has some “you know whats”. 

What really struck me was this quote. 

“If you stop working at your career, it goes away. When things are good, that’s when you have to work harder, because otherwise it will disappear. And if you don’t work toward it, you’re not really appreciating what you’ve got.”

Pretty insightful for a 31 year old actor. One thing I know is that the people who are successful in this field, the Todd Durkins, the Alwyn Cosgroves, the Mark Verstegens worked hard when they had nothing and have continued to work hard when things are good. I believe they appreciate what they have but, they keep working. As I said, inspiration comes from strange places.