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Summer is over and with the kids back at school I finally feel like I can breath. I now have time to go through my inbox and get organized. One of the bonuses of a little bit of time is that I can look at my backlog of articles and begin to pull out some good stuff that I have overlooked. I found two great articles from site member Jon Messner to share with you. I like Jon’s writing style and found this first piece both interesting and funny. Now Hiring looks at the process of obtaining clients from a slightly different perspective.

Jon’s second article You Pain in the Glute – Part 1 -Personal Training for Clients with Back Pain really it a nerve for me. I just met with a friend who has  a serious back issue with multiple disk issues and went through our basic core program with him. He has seen numerous doctors and physical therapists so I assumed he would have some understanding of the proper rehab/ core program. I was disappointed again. This poor guy had no idea about even the most basic things he needed to do.

As a result I decided to share our basic Low Back Reconditioning Program as our third article this week. This program is the base for all of our athletes and clients with low back issues.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is the Supine Bent Leg Abduction listed on the Low Back Reconditioning Program. This is a great exercise to combine the abduction / external rotation action at the hip. Another way to describe the exercise in a Bent Leg External Rotation. The key is to not just abduct but to externally rotate by pushing the heels together and the toes apart.

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