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I have a bunch of good video stuff to add this week so we this will be a video week instead of a reading week. First up is a short video from Dan Liburd called Lateral Squat Movement and Progressions. Dan is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Buffalo Bills, a Springfield Grad and a fomer MBSC intern.

In addition a forum member asked for some additional explanation of my Low Back Reconditioning Program so we will post the remaining videos for that  article also. Anthony already posted a few so make sure you go back and reread the article. One note. The Supine Psoas video is mislabeled. It is labeled Prone Psoas.

Last up is a video clip I have not seen yet. The clip is Warm-up for Cricket. As I have stated previously I really want to continue to cater to our international readers as they make up a large portion of our membership. Renato Capobianco’s soccer info has been an excellent addition and cricket is another sport that has huge participation outside the US.

Video of the Week

There will be no video of the week this week for obvious reasons. Instead, we’ll have article of the week. A reversal of sorts. Article of the week is Swing Speed Part 1 another excellent piece from Joe Bonyai.

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Just a reminder, the articles and videos go up over the course of the week. If you don’t se what you are looking for, check bak tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the week.