Wendler’s 5-3-1

Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1

I’m not a big ebook fan these days. However a piece in Mike Robertson’s newsletter piqued my interest. Mike mentioned how much he liked Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 ebook. I went to www.elitefts.com and ordered it. I figured for twenty bucks I had nothing to lose. Funny how people say that. I actually had twenty dollars to lose.

Jim’s book was a breath of fresh air. If you are a person training on your own the advice is wonderfully simple and easy to follow. If you are a college strength coach, the advice is still wonderfully simple and easy to follow. I have always been a fan of simple workouts and Jim hits the nail on the head over and over.

Whether you know very little or know a lot, this might be some of the best money you can spend.

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  1. Lindsey,
    You sound like you are not a member from StrengthCoach.com
    If you want save money, instead of trying a bunch of different websites, just go straight there. You just can’t find better resource

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    Lindsey- are you a http://www.strengthcoach.com member yet? That is a great place to start. If you sign up for the trial memberships you get my ebook for free.

  3. I do not know much about ebooks. I am new to the industry but am trying to learn as much as possible. Do you suggest me buying this? Or is there a different book/website that you would recommend me reading. I am a personal trainer who try to focus on only training athletes. I am the former UF Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Gator Cheerleaders so I have been around some pretty amazing S&C coaches, aka Mickey Marotti but ever since I have left Florida I do not feel like I am advancing as quickly. Can anyone help?

  4. I agree, Jim was in Chicago this past weekend to talk about the book. It was nice to see such a mix of people, powerlifters, personal trainers and sports performance coaches. I just got done reading it and thought it was simple but thurough and like everyone else breathe of fresh air. Great stuff

  5. Take a look at http://www.strengthcoach.com . I think you find the content quality excellent.

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