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First up this week is another excellent piece from the team of Keats Snideman and Pat Ward. It Hurts Right Here: The Mystery of Pain came out as a result of my interview on Keats and Pat’s Reality Based Fitness Podcast. We ha d a great discussion about the “pain site/ pain source” idea that continues in the article.

Next up is a great piece from one of former athletes Tom Sullivan called Lessons Learned from Two Summers in Business. I think common sense, experiential articles like these often has the most value to our readers.

Last up is Stop the Rotation from Jon Rimmer. Jon is an excellent writer and does a great job putting the lumbar rotation debate into another practical article.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is a Tall Kneeling Anti Rotation Press. This exercise is also known as the Pallof Press but as well all know I like John Pallof but, dislike non-descriptive, personalized exercise names.

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Also make sure you check out Joe Heiler has a webinar this week on Lumbar Spine Injuries.

Just a reminder, the articles and videos go up over the course of the week. Generally one each day. Hope you enjoy the week. Make sure to take a look, your number one site for performance enhancement info on the internet.


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