Jack Lalanne Could See the Future

Many of you are so young that you may not even know who Jack Lalanne is. Lallane is referred to as The Godfather of Fitness and is still working out at 95. He opened a health club in the 30’s, yes the 30’s, and literally invented many of the concepts we still use today. Just take a minute and Check this out . Click Sugarholics. This was 1960, almost 50 years ago. Crazy. We have not come very far.

6 Responses to “Jack Lalanne Could See the Future”

  1. Yes, Jack Lalanne could definitely see the future. What a great ambassador for fitness during his time.

  2. Dave Hare Says:

    Im fowarding this on to all my clients – thats 1960! scary stuff

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    I think we’ve made little progress in educating the public period. Nutrition, fitness etc.

  4. Great post x2. What I think is really sad how little progress we’ve made in educating the public about proper nutrition.

  5. Read The End of OverEating. The marketers are working hard and spending tons of money in an effort to slowly kill us.

  6. Great post. True then and true now except we add high fructose corn syrup to things like the white bread, drinks, coated meats and juices. People do not care any less but they are even fooled more by marketing.

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