Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Promo Video

Steve Eliopoulos of Gravity Boston just finished up an amazing promotional video for Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. If you are in the Boston area and in need of a videographer give Steve a call.

8 Responses to “Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Promo Video”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Glad you liked it. Saw Valslides in the new Mens Health book. Congrats.

  2. Mike, I love this new promo video!!

    It totally rocks! Great job!

    It makes me want to fly to Boston to workout with you. Of course
    I already knew you were the best but seeing the video makes me want
    to go workout right now.


  3. kristen ward Says:

    This video rocks
    loved it!!!!

  4. great video…the shots of kristen and me must have hit the cutting room floor!!!

  5. I made the promo video @ 5:37! woo hoo!

  6. That’s a really great video Mike. Fantastic testimonials as well.

  7. I think I may come out of retirement solely based on that video. Makes me want to move back to Boston and do it all over again. Great stuff Mike!

  8. great video Mike – great facility!

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