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Wendler’s 5-3-1

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Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1

I’m not a big ebook fan these days. However a piece in Mike Robertson’s newsletter piqued my interest. Mike mentioned how much he liked Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 ebook. I went to and ordered it. I figured for twenty bucks I had nothing to lose. Funny how people say that. I actually had twenty dollars to lose.

Jim’s book was a breath of fresh air. If you are a person training on your own the advice is wonderfully simple and easy to follow. If you are a college strength coach, the advice is still wonderfully simple and easy to follow. I have always been a fan of simple workouts and Jim hits the nail on the head over and over.

Whether you know very little or know a lot, this might be some of the best money you can spend.

More “Praise” for the Biggest Loser

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My buddy Robert Dos Remedios just posted a great blog piece about The Biggest Loser . Please, do us all a favor . Read Dos’s blog and then boycott this piece of crap show. It is an embarrassment to our profession. I’m ashamed to be a “trainer”. I don’t even own any army clothes and I have never screamed at a fat person in my life.

PS- Can you ever imagine dressing up in any type of “outfit” for work.

The Three Medicines Everyone Should Take

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Lets face it, we are a nation of drug users. We love our Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve etc. However we know that NSAID’s take a toll on the body, particularly if they are used repeatedly. Did you know that regular use of a high quality Fish Oil combined with a high quality Glucosamine-Chondriotin-MSM supplement may give you the same anti-inflammatory benefits as NSAID’s with no health risks? Probably not, not many people do. Well, it appears to be true.

I think we should reclassify fish oil and glucosamine as drugs so everyone will take them. While we are at it, we should also classify fiber as a drug. A simple evening routine of fiber, fish oil and glucosamine maybe the best thing you can do for your health. You know what the problem is? It’s too simple, too easy.

Dan John raved about Orange Flavored Sugar Free Metamucil. I went out and bought it. I now call it Adult Tang. Remember Tang when you were a kid? Orange flavored powder. Orange Flavored Sugar Free Metamucil tastes like Tang but, is way better for you. Grab a glass of Orange Sugar Fee Metamucil and wash down some Fish Oil and Glucosamine. Your body will thank you.

In fact if I can get the FDA to classify fish oil, glucosamine and fiber as drugs, then we can up the price and get doctors to prescribe them. Then people will take them.

How about this? Act like I just prescribed these drugs for you. Make believe I wrote you a prescription and that you have to do this for the rest of your life. Get them and take them every night before you go to bed or every morning when you wake up. You will be amazed how much better you feel.

It’s a simple routine. Whip up a glass  of Tang, use it to wash down the fish oils and glucosamine. I guarantee you will notice changes in a few days.

This Week on

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I have a bunch of good video stuff to add this week so we this will be a video week instead of a reading week. First up is a short video from Dan Liburd called Lateral Squat Movement and Progressions. Dan is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Buffalo Bills, a Springfield Grad and a fomer MBSC intern.

In addition a forum member asked for some additional explanation of my Low Back Reconditioning Program so we will post the remaining videos for that  article also. Anthony already posted a few so make sure you go back and reread the article. One note. The Supine Psoas video is mislabeled. It is labeled Prone Psoas.

Last up is a video clip I have not seen yet. The clip is Warm-up for Cricket. As I have stated previously I really want to continue to cater to our international readers as they make up a large portion of our membership. Renato Capobianco’s soccer info has been an excellent addition and cricket is another sport that has huge participation outside the US.

Video of the Week

There will be no video of the week this week for obvious reasons. Instead, we’ll have article of the week. A reversal of sorts. Article of the week is Swing Speed Part 1 another excellent piece from Joe Bonyai.

Don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at

Also make sure you check out

Just a reminder, the articles and videos go up over the course of the week. If you don’t se what you are looking for, check bak tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the week.



Why I Love Social Media

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I wrote the post below on May 31 of this year and everything I said is true. I saved it as a draft and I never published it, not sure why to be honest. Today made me realize even more why I love Facebook. I just sent Happy Birthday notes to three people I really value., my neice and two good friends. If it were not for Facebook I would never have remembered. Make sure to read the rest of post and then log in to your Facebook account and check your birthdays.

Recently it came to my attention that Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning had a loosely organized alumni group on Facebook. The group is called Boyle’s Alums. If you are a former MBSC athlete and would like to join and reconnect with old friends look it up. We also have a more formal Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning page and we’d love for you to join that also. Like many soon-to-be fifty year olds, I , until recently, did not have Facebook page. I considered it a “kid thing” that had little value for my generation. Truth is I created a Facebook page because I thought it might be good for business. However, I had a very pleasant surprise. One, it can be good for business as it is a great networking tool. Two, people who I thought I would never see again suddenly came back into my life via Facebook. It seems like almost every day I get a fun little blast from the past from one of my former athletes. It’s great to see who’s married, who has kids and who lives where. I still haven’t figured out how to leverage Facebook for business purposes but, I will soon. In any case it doesn’t matter because I am thoroughly enjoying my use of social media just to renew old acquaintances. I now have over 1000 Facebook friends and am adding new friends every day.

Take a minute. Log on and create a Facebbok page and while you are it, send me a friend request.

Age is Just a Number

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I am just finished Dara Torres book Age is Just a Number. It has been a great look into one of the most amazing female athletes of our time. A world record at 15 and an Olympic Medal at 41 in the same event? It is truly amazing. What is more amazing is Torres’ frank discussion of her eating disorder and training mistakes. Former Florida Panthers S+C Coach Andy O”Brien figures prominently in the book as do many other coaches. Torres’ embracing the latest training techniques and admitting her mistakes is also refreshing. Torres touts the value of proper stretching ( by the way, who else has been taling about stretching lately), massage, an up to date strength program and the value of doing less when all around you are doing more.

I actually got to spend a few hours with Dara Torres about 15 years ago when she was doing media work during one of her many retirements.  She probably doesn’t remember me but, I remember her. I actually tried to pull out the old VHS tape but, it had dried up in storage. We filmed an episode of a show called Cross Training with the Pros with NHL Hall of Famer Cam Neely. Unfortunately, the show had a short cable life. Too bad, I think the idea was ahead of its time. In any case, the book is a great honest read. Pick up a copy. 

PS- I feel like Oprah. My last two recommendations Outliers and Born to Run were 1-2 on the New York Times non-fiction best seller list last time I checked..

Reality Based Fitness Podcast

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Just in case you are interested Patrick Ward and Keats Snideman interviewed me for their Reality Based Fitness Podcast. Take a few minutes and check out the interview if you have time.

Reality Based Fitness Mike Boyle Interview

In addition, I also did one for Mike Robertson for his In the Trenches Podcast.

Mike Robertson Podcast