11 Clues You Might Be a Gym Geek

Take this quiz and give yourself one point for each yes answer. Please note, this is intended to be funny. Don’t get all bent out shape unless you score over 5.  If you score a six you won’t find this funny at all and will join the ranks of people who really don’t like me.

1- Is the first thing you do when you get on the gym floor put on your IPOD?

2- Have you ever called anyone “Bro” in the gym?

3- Do you lift more than once a month in a tank top or have you ever contemplated cutting the sleeves off a shirt with a collar?

4- Have you ever lifted in a knit hat?

5- Do you do 1/2 chinups and use the excuse it hurts your shoulder?

6- Do you bench every Monday?

7- Have you ever done this workout. Bench–> Cheat Curls ( done in a squat rack with 95 lbs.)–> Stairmaster?

8- Have you ever tried to convince yourself that running is leg work?

9- Have you ever muttered the phrase “All you” at the end of a friends bench press set?

10- Have you ever used knee wraps with less than 225 lbs. on the bar?

11- Do you or have you ever owned lifting gloves?

1-4 You are probably still OK

5-8 You have a problem. Recovery is still possible however

9-11 You are “the guy” everyone laughs at in the gym.


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