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The End of Overeating

Posted in Fat Loss, Nutrition on October 9, 2009 by mboyle1959

One of the many new subjects I’m studying at my new school Automobile University is nutrition. I just finished listening to The End of Overeating-Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite . The End of Overeating is one of those books that contains way too much info. The first section of the book was riveting. I couldn’t stop talking to my friends about it. The middle was painfully boring. I forced my way through it hoping it would reach the level of the initial chapters. The end basically told me to eat more protein, good fat and fibrous carbs. Truth is, I knew all this already.

What I didn’t know is what was so riveting about the book. Did you know that:

– 1 out of every 2 dollars spent on food in the US is spent in a restaurant?

– Panda express is a billion dollar company who pre-fries all their food and then refries it at the site?

There is a huge amount of info in the beginning of the book that will blow you away and make you understand why it is so difficult to eat well. Unfortunately millions of dollars is spent in the restaurant industry trying to get us to overeat. The book states “the goal is to get you hooked”.

Just beware, restaurants are operated for a profit. They could care less about your health. In reality it may be worse than not caring. They are intentionally trying to make you fat because making you fat makes them money. Read The End of Overeating until you hit the boring research stuff, then read the last few chapters but, read The End of Overeating.