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No More Squats Part 2

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Yesterdays post set a record for this blog. I have been accused of sensationalizing a topic. In fact I have anguished with the “to squat or not to squat” debate for years. Anyone who knows me knows that my athletes have not done a back squat in over a decade. We are a front squat only group, or at least we were. I wrote an article for t-nation called Build Bigger Legs One Leg at a Time that already addressed this topic.  Take a minute and read it so i don’t have to post the whole article here. The bottom line is this I have decided that the back is the weak link in squatting and that i can get more leg work and less back stress through a Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat.

We have modified this exercise by placing an Airex Pad under the back knee to guarantee depth on every rep without risking injury

The next video is Nashville Predator forward and former BU Terrier Colin Wilson doing 225×5. The technique could be better but, it gets the point across.


No More Squats?

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Some people are mad at me. You might even be one of them. Join the list. It’s long.

Ever since I said not to do traditional squats anymore, traditionalists have been up in arms. I suppose I can’t blame them. Change can be difficult. Especially when it means you have to scrap one of the core lifts found in almost all your strength training programs.

Of course, I’m not telling you to blindly do what I say. I have concrete reasons (and results) for making this change to my programs. In fact most of you have already read about it on

Before you dismiss the idea at least take a look at this video clip where I explain exactly why I think you should cut squats from your strength training programs: