Flu Shot or No Flu Shot?

Flu shot or no flu shot? I have to admit I love the website www.mercola.com.  Is Dr. Mercola maybe a little out there? Does he push a lot of product? I’d have to say yes to both. However, my research also leads me to believe that much of what is posted on the site is accurate and well intended.

Dr. Mercola is clearly anti-flu shot. So am I. I have never had one and neither have my children. Take a minute and read the post on Dr. Mercola’s site. Do it before you get a shot. I think industries like the large food conglomerates and the big pharmacy groups may not always have our best interest at heart. Evidence still continues to prove this out.

If you doubt it, go back and look at this post about the actions of the food industry. I really believe that we now have to consider the motives whenever we deal with large public corporations.


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  1. All vaccines are potentially dangerous! Just send your “friends” to http://www.russellblaylockmd.com or drtenpenny.com. These are two doctors that are speaking truth!

  2. What science? Who performed the studies? There are many problems with vaccines.

    Mercury, the preservative, is one of the dangers, but IS NOT the only
    danger with vaccines.
    1. Mercury has NOT totally been removed from vaccines
    A. Those that say mercury-free, private testing has shown there is
    still mercury
    B. Many still have a trace of mercury
    C. And many have full amounts of mercury – many flu vax (adult &
    children) DT, tD, etc.

    2. Mercury is NOT the only problem with vaccine
    3. Its a BILLION dollar industry! Junk studies+bad science=CONFLICT OF INTEREST. All you have to do is follow the money trail!

    -Contamination with mycoplasma and bacteria
    -Contamination with monkey viruses
    -Contamination with RNA, DNA
    -Aluminum and other adjuvants

    -The new preservative replacing mercury in some vaccines – 2PE
    -Other additives in vaccines – vary according to the vaccine – msg,
    formaldyhyde, antibiotics, phenol, sorbitol, gelatin and more
    -The antigen itself and how it effects the immune system
    -The whole theory is in error – stimulation of antibodies does not
    give immunity – antibodies do not mean immunity – the are signs of
    exposure, but one small aspect of the immune system
    -No long term research
    -No comparison in research with placebo group – only another vaccinated group
    -Ignoring post marketing data of reactions, injury and death
    -No individualization – one size fits all
    -No screening for immune problems and allergies
    -Children and adults have reacted with injury and death after MMR
    which never had mercury in it

    Touchy subject but I would never follow what the mainstream media and everyone else is doing. If everyone is doing something, it’s probaly wrong and needs further investigation. Children are given upwards of 36 vaccines before the age of 2. Is there any wonder why there are so many cases of cancer, diabetes, ADD, neurological disorders? There is an obvious increase in the “new” symptoms and diseases along with the increased vaccine schedules.

  3. realitybasedfitness Says:

    I vaccinate my two children and happen to think the flu shot is a great idea. The benefits far outweigh the risks and the science clearly show that. The only problem with the flu shot is it sometimes doesn’t work due to the virus mutations that can occur. Most people who are anti-vaccine were not alive during the time when people routinely died from viral diseases. Vaccines save lives….period.

  4. I posted a note about the Flu on Facebook a few days ago asking who was getting it and who was not with why/why not. I had over 40 comments and some of them were down right nasty. Since I’m pregnant, many women gave me a lot of crap because I didn’t feel comfortable getting it. I also don’t see it as necessary unless I was in an area exposing me to it more. One “friend” won’t even speak to me anymore because of my decision. Insane.

  5. Part of my prevention to go along with what has already been suggested is a good daily dose of Vitamin D.

    I would NEVER get a flu shot!


  6. “Is Dr. Mercola maybe a little out there? Does he push a lot of product? I’d have to say yes to both”

    As someone who has purchased some of those products, I can say unequivocally that what he sells is of the highest quality. Initially I bought into the characterization of him as a quacked-out shill. But after reading some of his material and testing some products, I can say that the sensationalism that tends to garner him haters is but a speck compared to all of the value offered on that website.

    Plus with all of the people who do back him without question, he could make even more by pushing additional junk products, but he doesn’t.

    In the end I view him as a guy who genuinely believes in what he is saying and just happens to have found a way to make some money in the process. And having some people spew vitriol against you seems to be the sign of someone who has something valuable to contribute, as you know well, Coach Boyle. Most of the people who knock you have probably never bothered to actually study the ideas behind what you have to say about various areas of training and coaching.

  7. Prevention is the key to not only the Flu but LONGTERM health… A Vaccine is NOT prevention! Prevention is a Low or No Sugar intake, adequate water, adequate movement, adequate sleep, adequate Sun exposure and stress management… These recommendations make a lot of sense, unfortunatly they don’t make a lot of money! Like Coach says, all you have to do is follow the money trail.

  8. burbankdc Says:

    I get a daily flu shot:
    adjustment (not everyday)

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