Reflecting on 50

Today is my 50th birthday. Where did the time go? On a day like today I can’t help but think that my Dad died at 62. Although it seemed so unfair then, it is really scary now. Don’t want to get all corny on you but, all the cliches about living life to the fullest are absolutely true.

On this special day I’ll get to do all the things I love. I’ll train some clients this morning and see my great staff in action. I’ll sit with my beautiful wife and watch my daughter play soccer and hockey while I watch my son play in the grass. After that I’ll take to take a nap. Then I’ll go and get my BU guys ready to hopefully sweep UMass Lowell.

I’ll finish my evening with a few beers with good friends in a house filled with kids. Life is good.


6 Responses to “Reflecting on 50”

  1. Vincent Brunelle DC Says:

    Happy belated birtday, I was caught up in the high school sports world and completely forgot.


  2. Matt Smith Says:

    Have a beer on me Mike, Happy Birthday. Keep up the great work. Regards to Mrs Boyle.

  3. Living the good life coach!
    Congrats on 50!!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Life is good.

    Happy 50th!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Coach! Sounds like an awesome day ahead of you!

  6. With not even the slightest hint of hyperbole, here’s to at least 50 more great ones for you, Coach Boyle! It’s an honor to follow your work, and you deserve every wonderful thing that comes your way and much more. Thank you for always being so willing to share your extensive knowledge and experience with all of us!

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