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Using the MVP Shuttle

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The attached clip illustrates the many ways we use our MVP Shuttle. I really think that the MVP Shuttle is one of the few pieces of equipment I couldn’t do without.  See how we use the Shuttle MVP in working with the: 1) Personal Training client; 2) Injured Athletes; and 3) Large Clients /Athletes. Because of its unique features, the MVP allows you to assist the personal training client in regaining explosive power, re-introduce the injured athlete to velocity specific work, and assist the large client/athlete to develop eccentric strength while reducing their risk of injury.Take a second and watch the clip.




This Week on

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This week ends up being shoulder week. We have a couple of great articles on shoulder training as well as a video on shoulder training. First up this week is Overhead Strength Training for the Shoulder: Guidelines for Injury Prevention and Performance Training Success

by Robert Panariello. Rob owns and operates Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in New York City as well as the Professional Athletic Performance Center in Garden City, New York. Rob has recently become a contributor to the site and is quickly becoming one of the must-reads on the forum. This a follow up to Robs first piece called Strength Training for the Shoulder- Should Athletes Lift Weights Overhead.

Next up is Training for Pitchers from John Pallof. Many of you are already familiar with John, who is also a site member, a PT, and a forum contributor.


Last up is an article from Shelby Turcotte called 12 Things that Are BassAckwards. Shelby does a great job putting what a lot of us think into words.

Video of the Week

Coaching and Cueing Scapula Position from Jon Rimmer. This is a great tip.

Don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at Also, make sure you check I’m trying to post the blog posts as links on the site so you don’t miss out.

Also make sure you check out


As a reminder, the articles and videos go up over the course of the week. Generally one each day. Also, you credit card statement will show a change from, not  I received three emails this past week from new members that were confused. Hope you enjoy the week.