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No More Squatting Part 4

Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2009 by mboyle1959

The Death of Squats clip is probably approaching 100,000 views. When I made those statements in  Functional Strength Coach Vol 3.0 I never intended to start a fire storm of controversy. Of course I knew I would get the standard meathead hate mail ( which I have) but to be honest the positive emails have far outnumbered the negatives. The best part about the negative emails that I received was the general level of ignorance of the writers. The people who wrote negative emails did not listen to the clip or read my t-nation article ( Build Bigger Legs One at a Time). The least you could do if you are going to _ _ it on me is to take the time to study the material. It is amazing how people dislike change. One of my members and readers Vince Brunelle sent me a great quote. “You don’t have to believe, just suspend your disbelief”.

I’m more motivated than ever when I get quotes from great strength coaches thanking me for pushing the envelope and encouraging thought and debate. I truly believe that is going to change the world of strength and conditioning. The growth has been off the charts and, I want to thank all those who write and read.