Cosgrove Business Seminars

My friends Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove will be presenting with Perform Better in a two day event in 4 locations around the country. These guys are two of the best fitness entrepreneurs I know. Many people telling you how to run a fitness business don’t have one or run one. These guys do.

Rhode Island- December 11th-12th

Chicago – January 15th-16th

New Jersey- February 5th-6th

Los Angeles- February 26th-27th

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend two full days with Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove and learn how to take your fitness business to the next level for only $349 (or $299 if you sign up 8 weeks in advance.) Pick the location nearest you and get signed up TODAY.   PS- Perform Better will honor the $299 price for members for the next two weeks.   Click Here to sign up now.


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  1. Yes, just call PB and mention

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    How do members get this discount? Do they call PB?

    Thank you

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