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First up this week is a short article I just wrote called Learning to Speak Coach. Due to some administrative issues this one did not go up last week. This is actually based on an idea my friend Valerie Waters gave me. I think many strength coaches fail because they can’t sell their program to a coach. Hopefully, this will help.

A great follow up to Learning to Speak Coach is Hockey and Volleyball – Are They Really the Same Game? by Devan McConnell. I actually put the finishing touches on Learning to Speak Coach after reading Devan’s article and realizing that they should be in order. I think you will enjoy the thought process even if you don’t agree.

Last up is Training SuperWoman from Jon Messner. As you know I like Jon’s writing style and his message. This a great lesson for us about clients and about why we do what we do.

Video of the Week

This week’s clip is the SuperBand Shuffle. Some of our readers and purchasers of have asked about some of the drills in the sample programs. I think this drill is one of the best for teaching lateral movement concepts. The key is that the drill forces the athlete to understand how to move laterally by pushing, not stepping. The key is a heavy enough band and lots of resistance. Athlete who step will fall back.

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