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Perform Better NY/NJ is this weekend, hope to see a lot of you there. The Cosgrove Business Seminar is the next weekend and, myself and a bunch of my staff will be there also.

The MBSC Winter Seminar is Sat Jan 30 th. The seminar is sponsored by Perform Better and StrengthCoach.com .  This has become a hugely popular, must attend seminar, not only for personal trainers and strength coaches in New England but across the country. As an added bonus you can spend the morning watching and potentially participating in our training programs. Participation is based on space availabilitySpeakers include:

Michael Boyle- ACL Injury Prevention is Just Good Training

Eric Cressey- Medicine Ball Training

Brijesh Patel- It’s Not Just Sets and Reps

John Pallof- Training the Shoulder – Mobility to Stability

Observation/ Learn by Doing session from 8-12

Also, our first Winter Mentorship of 2010 is scheduled for Feb 1-4. These fill up fast so be sure to register soon.

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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Great. I’ll have a review tomorrow.

  2. How did the clinic go?

  3. Mike,
    See you Saturday at Fairlawn. Looking forward to the day. BTW this is being sent from my new MacBook! Made the switch.
    Bruce Kelly

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