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Advances in Functional Training

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Just wanted to let you guys know my new book is out. It’s called Advances in Functional Training and it covers the last four years of my writings.

In the seven years since the publication of my first book, Functional Training for Sports, a new understanding of functional anatomy created yet another shift in strength coaching. With this new material we can continue to look at the evolution of functional training.

There are ten basic sections to present everything a strength coach or personal trainer needs to understand modern training theory, beginning with the joint-by-joint approach to training, and progressing through the use of  the Functional Movement Screen.

The next sections discuss injury avoidance, treatment, rehab and training after injury. We update the reader on our current thinking in core training, back pain, how the hip musculature works, and how it fails. We also cover cardiovascular training, and see what has worked for the athletes training in our facilities.

The second half of the book shifts to training strategies, including which exercises we use today and which ones we’ve discarded, what equipment and tools we currently use, how we develop speed, and, of course, a large section on the now-famous single-leg training.

Finally, we get to program design and put the entire package together to mesh theory with daily reality. You’ll see the basic objectives of a sound program, and then over the course of 32 pages, we’ll show you exactly which programs we use in a variety of client and athletic circumstances.

The category sections include:

  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Injuries
  • The Core
  • The Hips
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Developing Athleticism
  • Equipment Choices
  • Exercise Choices — The Basics and Single-Leg Training
  • Program Design
  • Sample Programs

You can grab a pdf of the full Table of Contents here.

This book will be in stock and available for shipping November 30th. Preorders will be shipped immediately upon delivery from the printer.

Here is a review that bodybuilding legend Dave Draper wrote ( I have to confess his wife is the editor)

The project of the day is to make room in our work area for the incoming load of books — three pallets — from our printer in Illinois. The book, of course, is Laree’s most recent publication titled “Advances in Functional Training,” written by 25-year strength and conditioning coach extraordinaire, Mike Boyle. It’s a gorgeous book, large, heavy and rich with information to effectively enhance one’s training performance as an evolving athlete, coach and trainer.

Where was Mike 50-some years ago when I was a dumb and defenseless bone-rack?

I’m an authentic basement-corner musclehead, a pump-and-burn bodybuilder, an iron-picking musclebuilder, a loose-dumbbell, splintery-wooden-bench gym rat. I pick up the metal and I put it down repeatedly — any way I wanted to when I was younger, and any way I can today.

Mike Boyle stood back and noticed what he and athletes and other superior trainers around him were doing right and doing wrong. He studied himself and he studied them and he studied in universities and he experimented and he applied and he elaborated on the good and he amended the bad and he put his discoveries in motion and in words.

I’m amazed and impressed with the intelligence present, required and evolving in advanced athletic performance. I’m also a day late, an hour short and slightly demented. Go, Mike.

What moves me in all of this is Laree understands the knowledgeable and talented coach par excellence. She digs this stuff. Furthermore, Mike sought her out and she compiled his accumulated knowledge and understanding into a clear and comprehensive book worthy of carrying everywhere you go — did I mention it’s hunky and gorgeous? — and showing off to your best friends. “Hey! Check out my seriously cool new book. Weighs a ton. I use it for lateral raises and curls when I’m not reading it.”

You should see the cover: dark background with everyone’s favorite national champion Olympic lifter, Ingrid Marcum, blasting a record weight over her head as her blonde hair blazes and her calm countenance exudes. Wow!

Go, Laree!

To order the book you can go to Dave and Laree’s site or