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First up this week is a The Perform Better One Day Experience from Bruce Kelly. I have to tell you that I really enjoyed all three talk this year. As always, a great lineup. If we come to your area, don’t miss out. The next one is in San Francisco on Jan 9th, followed by Los Angeles on Jan 23rd. I won’t be in San Fran but, the lineup is great. You can register by clicking this link

Next up are the notes from Functional Strength Coach Volume 2. The great job that Pat Beith did on the marketing for has created some renewed interest in Functional Strength Coach Volume 2. There have been forum requests for the notes and programs so I went back and located them.

Last up is an article I read in on SB Coaches College, 5-3-1 for Athletes by Georgia Tech Asst Strength Coach Tim Caron. Tim and Brijesh were kind enough to let me reprint it for you.

Video of the Week

This week’s clip is a simple Hand to Knee Drill use to teach crossover. As we said last week some of our readers and purchasers of have asked about some of the drills in the sample programs. This drill is another great one of the for teaching lateral movement concepts. In this case the drill teaches the athlete theknee drive necessary to utilize hip ower in the crossover. The key is that we don’t step over, we punch with the knee. My good friend Anthony Slater does another great job demoing this drill.

Don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at  Anthony just put up an episode with Jeremy Boone. Last but not least, make sure you keep up with

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