Christmas Spirit

There are two weeks left until Christmas. Do yourself a favor and go out and shop for those who really need. The Boston Herald has a list of 10 agencies actively seeking toys. My wife is wonderful enough to have us participate in an Adopt a Family program in our hometown of Reading, Ma. We actually adopt one family and have our daughters hockey team adopt another so we get to shop for two families. What literally brings me to tears are the lists. We live in an upper middle class community but,  what the kids ask for makes me realize  how lucky we are and how little appreciation we have.

Here are some list items. Warm blankets, gloves, socks, t-shirts, underwear. I think you get it. These kids don’t ask for presents, they ask for life’s necessities. They ask for things my kids take for granted. Whether or not you have kids, take the time to buy at least one present. I tell people that I do this for me. It is my best feeling of the holiday knowing that a family somewhere will open presents due to our generousity. So please, do something totally selfish. Make yourself feel good. Adopt a Family , buy a Toy for a Tot. Just do something for someone else.

7 Responses to “Christmas Spirit”

  1. Hey Mike,

    wonderful idea. reminds all of us how fortunate we are.

  2. John D'Amico Says:

    Agreed, We are doing a christmas jar this year for a needy family this year.

  3. Mike,

    Excellent reminder of where our priorities need to be.

  4. Chris Kelly Says:

    Well said Mike, I think it is easier for the fitness community in particular to get lost in preparation for the January rush. It is way past time that I followed this advice and I think I will this week.

  5. It is a great feeling. I usually donate to other charities instead of buying gifts for my clients also.

  6. Mike,
    Good post and amen to taking things for granted. We all should count our blessing on a more regular basis.

  7. Amen Mike!

    My wife and I got together with a few people to sponsor a family for the first time last year and it felt great! Instead of buying gifts for each other that we didn’t really need we put money towards those who needed it.

    We’re doing it again this year as well. What a great feeling!

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