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First up this week is an article from Joe Kenn called It is Not a Race for Last. This is a great article about the mental side of training. I saw it in the SB Coaches College newsletter and Joe was kind enough to let me reprint it. For those of you not familiar with Joe, he has spent the last 19 years as a strength coach on the collegiate level working at Boise State, Utah, Arizona State, and Louisville.  Joe also owns and operates Big House Power Competitive Athletic Training LLC [], an educational member website for parents, coaches, and athletes

Next up is The Get Strong Program Part 2 from Todd Hamer of Robert Morris. This one comes with an apology. I actually lost this article and recently found it again. This is a great follow up to Todd’s excellent Part 1.

Last up is What it Takes – A Fitness Business Journey by Justin Levine. This is another an excellent series of real world facility articles that I asked some guys to write about their experiences opening facilities.

Video of the Week

Video for the week is another in a series of what really are Athletes’ Performance lateral movement drills. This is a crossover drill referred to as Cross to Base in AP terms. At MBSC we simply call it Crossover and Stick. The key to viewing this is focus on the action of the leg pushing under, not the leg crossing over.

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