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First up this week is an article from a new author, Alan Stein. Alan is a Washington, D.C based strength coach. His article Vertical Jump Con Artists takes a real look at the programs that promise huge increases in vertical jump.

Next up is Things I Learned in 2009 from Tom Sullivan. Sully always offers excellent insight into the real side of opening a business.

Last up comes 35 Things I Learned in 2009. I actually lifted this from site member Robbie Bourke’s blog I’ve been trying to get Robbie to write something for StrengthCoach so I just stole this. It’s a great time of year for these 2009 retrospectives.

Video of the Week

Video of the Week is my new favorite variation of the Hip Lift or as Brett Contreras calls it a Hip Thrust. Pictured is a Band Resisted Hip Lift using two benches. I like the term Hip Lift better as thrust sounds too ballistic and makes me think “lumbar extension”. The key to this exercise is to develop core control prior to loading. I also know that I’ve been “anti-band” on the site but, I think this is a pretty safe exercise with bands and bands give the end range load that really hits the glutes.

Here is the link to the thread that got me thinking

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