Most People are Dead at 35

A few years ago I listened to a Paul Chek nutrition CD and Chek used the following quote from a nutritionist.

“Most people are dead at thirty-five, they just walk around for another thirty to forty more years.”

The quote was intended to apply to most adults from a nutritional standpoint. I find the point both amusing and accurate from a physical standpoint also. By thirty-five most of the damage is done and without an intensive program of exercise, the damage is difficult to reverse.

The truth is that quality of life begins to deteriorate after thirty for many people due to lack of exercise. Activities that were once simple and normal become increasingly difficult. The sad part is that the deterioration doesn’t become readily apparent until the fifties or sixties and at this point, it gets much harder to change. The baby boomers are fueling the personal training business in an attempt to improve not only the length of their life but the quality. However, the time to fight back is right now. Don’t wait until you are fifty and try to undo 20 years of damage. One of my favorite quotes is

“the best time to plant a tree was three years ago. The next best time is today”.

Don’t wait another day to begin an exercise program, start today.

The truth is that obesity, neck pain, back pain, and so many of the debilitating conditions that we suffer from in adulthood are entirely preventable but, the earlier we start the better. Don’t make excuses. You only need about 30 minutes three days a week. Try to get 5 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes of total body strength training and 15 minutes of cardiovascular work.

The bottom line. Don’t walk around in a dying body. We would never treat our cars the way we treat our bodies. Imagine never changing the oil, using the cheapest possible gas, and driving until the tires are bald. Unfortunately this is the way we treat our bodies. The only problem is that we can’t buy a new body after we ruin the old one. The damage may be irreversible. If the damage is reversible, we need to reverse it with exercise instead of with drugs. Exercise is the most powerful wellness drug on the planet. It’s just difficult to take. Try taking a good dose of exercise three times a week and you might be able to throw away the Lipitor and the blood pressure medicine and all the other junk.


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  1. Tim Bellisari Says:

    Thanks Coach…I am sharing this information with all of my high school students and staff.

  2. So true Coach Boyle! Thanks for sharing. Keep the posts coming.

  3. […] Here’s the link to Mike Boyle’s blog, great topic I might post in the future most people are dead at 35. […]

  4. Vincent Brunelle Says:

    It has a greater depth than the gratification one receives instantly. We are up against a large lie. The understanding that the current perimeters used to determine your health are not the ones you and those in this small group ( hopefully growing) of conditioning coaches use. People are led to believe if you fall in the allowable range on your lab work you are healthy. Included in this thought process is lab work corrected by meds, if your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure are leveled you fall in the safe group.
    There is a tremendous amount of work to shift this paradigm but worth every bit of effort.
    Keep the info coming and it will happen.


  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    You’ve got that right. I know we can all do better.

  6. Well stated. Great blog post. The sad part is, no one wants to pay the price because exercise doesn’t often give instant gratification. Health is often taken for granted until it’s taken away.

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