Two More Great Reviews of Advances in Functional Training

I just received a great review from Lou Schuler, of New Rules of Lifting fame, of  my new book Advances in Functional Training. Lou is a guy that I really respect. He has been in the industry a long time and has written some great books himself. This is what Lou had to say about Advances in Functional Training:

Why I like it: Here’s a sentence I picked out at random: “The big key is that the core is used to stabilize against sagittal plane motions that are attempting to produce rotary force.” Out of context, it looks like heavy sledding for those of us who aren’t trained in exercise physiology. But in context – he’s describing a core exercise called the push-pull – it makes perfect sense.

That’s the beauty of what Boyle does: He condenses and synthesizes the most important new information emerging from scientific research in the fields of biomechanics and physical therapy, expressing it in a way that makes it accessible to someone with a base of knowledge and college-level reading comprehension, but without dumbing it down. (That’s my job.)

This is a substantial book. Boyle explains in detail his joint-by-joint approach to training, as well as his current understanding of injury prevention, rehab, core training, exercise selection, program design, and much more. But it’s also a humble book. Boyle writes that he’s “becoming famous for changing my mind,” and notes that he changes an important aspect of his training protocols on an annual basis.

I give Advances in Functional Training the highest compliment I can possibly offer: I cleared space for it on my main reference bookshelf, putting it alongside McGill’s Low Back Disorders, Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Siff’sSupertraining, and the NSCA textbook.

to top that off, I got this from Vince McConnel via Facebook

Just got my copy of new book. Love it! Excellent job (as I expected). Definitely a “must have” that will become a “go to” text for many.

I’m so glad people are liking the book. You can take a look here and even download a table of contents.

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