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This week I’m going to publish two of my own articles. My recent travels ( PB in LA and Columbus) have given me a few hours of solitude to write. As a result I started a whole bunch of articles and actually finished a few others. First up is Are You Too Busy to Get Better? This looks at the idea of attending conferences versus coaching. I think it might be preaching to the choir so maybe some of you can repost it on your blogs.

Next up is a look at nutrition called X-Files- Trust No One. I originally wrote this when I published Leigh Peale’s Foods People Will Eat article. However, I just finished it.

Last up is Seeing the World Through the Hole in a 45 lb Plate by Northeastern University Athletic Trainer/ Strength Coach Art Horne. This was actually a blog post that Art wrote and has allowed me to reprint.

I think this will be an excellent “thought week “ and should get some great talk on the forum.

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Video of the week is another pretty good example of a bar complex provided by Rob Hartmann at Wyoming.

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