Written Goals

I was going to write an entire post about written goals and use the old story about how the small percentage of Yale students who wrote down their goals out-earned their peers. However, a guy named Sid Sarvara already did a great job of it.

However, I will add my two cents. Sid’s blog debunks the myth but still supports the idea. Last year, after reading for the previous twenty years that I should have written goals, I wrote a series of goals down on paper. These were very specific, attainable goals that related to my business and family life. I’m happy to say that I achieved them all or, came very close. What I am more happy to say is that I had the best financial year of my career in the worst economy of my adult life. Bottom line, please a take a minute to sit down today and begin thinking about goals. Have 5 written goals by Monday. On January 1st next year come back, post and boast about your success. Heres a great book to help. Goals by Brian Tracey.

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  1. In no particular order

    -go back to school in athletic therapist
    -find a steady girlfriend
    -Get down to my perfect body image
    -spend more time with friends and family
    -deadlift 600pounds

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