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Still More Reviews of Advances in Functional Training

Posted in Uncategorized on March 3, 2010 by mboyle1959

I hate to keep banging you guys over the head with reviews of my new book

but, the reviews have been great and I want to keep sharing them with you

From Thomas Plummer:

Mike Boyle, just released a long over due new book,

“Advances in Functional Training.” Mike’s new release is a combination of some of

his best writing over the years infused with some of his current thoughts

on training. This is a must have for any owner’s bookshelf and should be mandatory

reading for all head trainers. You can get this book from Perform Better now.

Mike will also be on the road at this year’s Perform Better Summits, which every owner

and head trainer should attend. Many of you owners are out of date and need new ideas

for training in your club. Don’t be frozen: go get some new info and see Mike.

From another reader


I just wanted to say your new book is excellent. I will review in full on my

blog for what it’s worth.I don’t work with athletes I work with ordinary people.

I preach simplicty at every turn, because most folk simply don’t have the time

(or inclination) to really get to grips with more than the basics. Your book

presents things in such a methodical manner and for that I thank you.

The more information people have it appears, the less discerning they become.

More is rarely better. Thanks for taking the time to lay out your own experience

so clearly and generously. You have provided me with useable, functional

material. No smoke, no mirrors.

If you are interested you can order and read an excerpt at You can also order

at or at .