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First up this week is a Three Day Softball Program contributed by Justin Levine of California Fitness Academy. This got pushed back so we could add Dave Trevino’s Notes from the Monroe Strength Summit. If you didn’t read Dave’s notes you missed some classics. Go back and read them.

I also didn’t mention Simplicity by Sam Leahy. Make sure you go back and watch this excellent video. I really enjoy Sam’s insights.

Next up is Modified Strongman Training in the Real World. As many of you know I’m not a huge fan of some of the Strongman type training done but, the author Art McDermott is an expert in the area and, does a great presenting two very safe and useful aspects of Strongman training, drags and carries.

Last up is another piece from Bruce Kelly, the Top 10 List for Masters Athletes. Bruce provides more excellent insight, as usual.

Videos of the Week

Video of the Week is an excellent progression on our “anti” core idea from Devan McConnell at Stanford called Standing Multi-planar Core Stabilization. I don’t think this made it last week but, it is up now.

I’m also going to add the Death of Squatting Clip for anyone who didn’t see it.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at

Anthony just posted another webinar, this one from Kevin Neeld called

“Innovative Practices in Strength and Conditioning.” Kevin used his hockey training programs as a framework to introduce a series of topics that I’d consider “innovative” relative to traditional

strength and conditioning practices.  Check it out at:

Last week, Cassandra Forsythe did an interesting one on “Nutrition & Cancer Prevention, Influence of Lifestyle Choices.”

This is a great webinar to give you some easy to understand, practical knowledge for your clients.  Check it out at:

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