The Lunch Trap

I have always advocated eating on the fly at lunch. Maybe a sandwich from home but, more likely a shake or a bar. I think this really helps my productivity. I also think it helps me keep my weight down. One thing I have come to realize is that I am powerless against visual food. If I go to a sandwich shop I succumb to my urge to get a bag of potato chips or, to eat a cookie. I find myself getting coffee in the morning saying “you don’t need a donut”. Not to get all religious on you but, I think there is something to “the lead us not into temptation thing”.

One of the best ways to lose weight or, to maintain your current weight is to avoid tempting situations. Restaurants and sandwich shops are set up to help make us fat. If you want to succeed, avoid the lunch trap. Either bring a sandwich and a piece of fruit from home or, have a bar or a shake ready. Better yet, don’t plan time to eat so you will only have a minute. If someone wants to meet for lunch politely decline. Tests of will power are ones we often lose. Set yourself up to win, not lose.


4 Responses to “The Lunch Trap”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I didn’t say “don’t eat”. I said don’t go to lunch. Very different.

  2. Don’t plan time to eat!? Will power better there cause the vending machines will be very tempting to grab something on the go!

  3. True, true, true. Good advice Coach Boyle!

  4. “If it ain’t there, you ain’t gonna eat it!” This is a very simple concept I try to ingrain in our clients at my facilities. I always love it when I hear them tell me that its hard for them because they need to have the cookies, candy, chips and soda in the house for the kids…And its scary how often I hear that. I only hear this from new clients however. Hopefully if its because we actually motivate them to feed their kids healthy foods, but it may just be because I get so heated whenever I hear a parent tell me they NEED to feed their kids crap that they’re afraid to hear my rant again.

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