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First up this week is an older article I wrote in 2007. A recent forum post about quad dominance had me looking for this info. Knees Over Toes? looks at the old idea that the knee should not move forward in squatting. Next up is a really thorough article from BJ Gaddour of Workout Muse. If you seen FSC 3 you know I’m a Workout Muse fan. The Top 5 Ways to Make Any Exercise Harder or Easier is a great overview of loading and unloading ideas. Although BJ’s thing is Bootcamps, this article applies to anyone out there training athletes and clients.

Our third article this week is Part 2 of Eric Cressey’s Top Ten Mistakes Interns Make. I’ve already mentioned how much I like both of these.

Video of the Week

For video of the week we have some great stuff from Gray Cook. Anthony Renna was kind enough to film Gray talking about some different variations of total body stretches he was working on. Initially this clip was intended for me to remember our conversation but we decided to share it with you.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at  Also we just filmed a new webinar, Designing Strength Training Programs, for

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Just a reminder, as always the articles and videos go up over the course of the week. Generally one each day.  Only one article mentioned on this email will go up on the day you receive this email. Please let us know via the forum if there are things you want to see.