Grass Fed Beef and The Best Tasting Protein Powder Ever

Check out this excellent piece from the website . The more I read the more scared I get. Our collective ignorance about nutrition is scary. Until last year I was totally unaware of the benefits of grassfed beef. Now I buy my meat on-line. Grass fed beef has the same fatty acid profile as wild salmon. Do you think that the large companies that control our food supply want us to know that? Until last year I thought corn was a vegetable. Now I realize it is a grain and the number one source of calories in the American diet.

If you use whey protein try Mercola Miracle Whey. I was amazed that something so good for you could also taste so good. And, it’s from grass fed cows. I have never had a whey protein that I even thought tasted Ok, much lesss tasted good. You can check. There are no affiliate links. I just want to turn you on to great ideas and great products.

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