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Michael Boyle- Banned by the NSCA

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I received word a few months ago that I have been uninvited as speaker  by the NSCA for this summers national conference. I struggled with whether or not to make this public but, after much thought I have decided to post it here. Unofficial word is that I am too controversial. It’s funny that I could speak effectively for free, be one of the highest rated speakers at a number of different NSCA conferences, draw a large audience and suddenly find out that I am no longer qualified. The reason I have decided to make my situation public is that it appears the NSCA is  in the censorship business these days.

Suddenly I’m too controversial. Seems strange to me. NSCA Executive Director Robert Jursnick had this to say in response to my email questions about my “ban”

“The NSCA Conference Committee has the right and obligation to select qualified presenters and content to present at all NSCA Conferences… The decision made regarding your not presenting at the 2010 National Conference followed all the correct processes and procedures.”

Strange but sources have told me the conference committe doesn’t meet at mid year. It’s even more strange that suddenly my qualifications and content are deemed inadequate for the NSCA. Why did this happen you ask? Here are the reasons I have gathered. However,for some reason no one from the NSCA wants to go on the record beyond the quote above. I have spoken to people with NSCA ties who have even asked that I not even make this ban public.

1- My views on lower body training and aerobic conditioning are frowned on by members of the selection committee. I really hope this is not the reason. This would be the highest degree of censorship.

2- I have openly criticized the NSCA on my website. Guilty as charged. I did write a forum post critical of the certification processs and I stand by what I said. ” the NSCA certification test is the opinion of certain members of the NSCA committee. If you want to pass, simply study the answers in the book”. The NSCA certification also lacks any practical experience component allowing anyone to be a CSCS with no actual on-the-floor experience. I have said that before and I will say it again as it is true. I also stated “The NSCA’s primary method of revenue generation is through the selling of certification”. Does the NSCA have another major revenue method I am unaware of?

3- I have been unprofessional in my criticism of other practitioners. I think this part is clearly unjustified. I have openly criticised concepts and ideas espoused by other professionals. I have often done it while the people whose ideas were being discussed were in the room. Anyone who has seen me speak knows that I always make the point of distinguishing between disagree and dislike. I don’t think it is healthy to adopt an attitude of never criticising another speaker or writer. We are all big boys. If we choose to write articles, speak at conferneces and sell educational products then we should expect critques.

Just for the record, has anyone looked at an NSCA speaker contract.  An NSCA speaker is entitled to a $150 dollar honorarium for their talk as well as coach airfare not to exceed $300 dollars. In addition, the NSCA picks up one nights hotel stay. The truth is it actually costs money for most speakers to present at the NSCA if they are not sponsored. We speak because we want to educate, not for money or fame. Education appears to be no longer in style. I guess you need to be careful not to question any other theorists or theories. Seems that any attempt at innovation or advancement of learning is deemed a crime unless accompanied by university research. Coaching innovation is no longer desired or encouraged. The wisdom that made the NSCA was the information gleaned from presentations by coaches working in the field. What the NSCA appears to desire now at NSCA meetings are presenters who will echo the feelings of the association while taking into account the feelings of fellow presenters.

PS- make sure you don’t question anything that the NSCA believes to be true. It appears that dissent will not be tolerated. Any of those failing to carry the party line will be swiftly punished by exclusion. If you think this is unfair, please let your NSCA Board Members know. There emails are below.

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