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Michael Boyle- Banned by the NSCA Day 2

Posted in Uncategorized on April 6, 2010 by mboyle1959

Just wanted to take a second and thank everyone who posted here, replied via Facebook, and or sent emails to our NSCA reps. I think it is funny. One reader received an email back from a board member that said that I was overreacting and “personalizing” my ban and that next year I would be welcomed back with open arms. I guess the NSCA doesn’t get it. In fact, I know the NSCA doesn’t get it. I don’t think I’ll ever speak at or attend another NSCA event. But, you never know, I do change my mind a lot.

In either case, thanks for all the kind words and support. Yesterdays post doubled the highest number of hits ever for this blog. It’s nice to know that people are concerned. The important thing to think about is who else is not being allowed to speak and why. Maybe we could ask the NSCA to publish a list if speakers who are rejected? My advice, seek alternate ways to get CEU’s.