Kids Playing Hurt?

I got a Facebook note today that said

“I was at 2 AAU girls basketball tournaments over the last 2 weeks and was amazed at the number of teenage girls wearing knee braces, ankle braces, etc. What do you think about this”

First off, every sport should be seasonal. More and more we see that kids are being presured to play one sport year round. The gurus tell them they need to do this or they will fall behind. This is one big fat lie motivated by money. Youth sports people need you to play year round so they don’t have to get another job.

If your son or daughter needs a brace or a patella tendon strap or any other device to play, what he or she really needs is some time away. The best cure for these problems would be a different sport. The number one enemy of any athlete is pattern overload. That simply means doing the same thing over and over again.

The next thing to worry about is the tournament culture. Again in order to make money the tournament organizers need teams to play multiple games per day. This is not normal and is not good for the young developing body. No collegiate or profesional athlete plays multiple games per day like kids do.

If your son or daughter complains of joint pain, don’t take them to the Dr. Take yourself to the psychiatrist. You probably need your head examined.

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  1. Well said! Please let kids be kids. This is another tangent I will bite my tongue on. Enjoy sports for the friendships that are gained, overcoming challenges with positive attitudes, and learning what it takes to be a good teammate. These qualities have become frequently overlook by our selfishness and vanity. Keep the posts coming Coach Boyle! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree, Mike. There are better ways for these kids to train and play without having to suffer through agonizing sports related injuries.

    Rick Kaselj

  3. I totally agree Mike. In the USA a lot of kids are “motor morons” these days as their central nervous system has had minimal exposure to proper movement. By eliminating PE classes and other physical activities these now young adults have musculoskeletal “overuse” injuries they should not have at that age. Often I see 20 year-olds that cannot even balance for a mere 10 seconds with their eyes closed or perform a proper body-weight squat. Its a sad sight to see.
    Then we strap a uniform on them and miraculously hope they become an athlete – an injury is just waiting to happen.
    Check out my Kinetic Integrations Facebook page for tons of information on this.

  4. Playing at all costs is just a bad idea. Knee braces are band aids for bleeding aortas at that level of women’s basketball (or any form of athletics for that matter).

    I appreciate your comments about the parent being problematic in many cases. I had a number of discussions this weekend revolving around that central idea. We came to the conclusion that educating the parent really doesn’t help early on (though I’m probably not doing a good enough job), and often something bad has to happen before new perspective is gained, which is unfortunate. One of the most effective tools I’ve come across is blatant honesty.

    Hope you have a safe flight home!

    Best regards,
    Carson Boddicker

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