28 Minutes of Intervals

If you have an Airdyne Bike give todays intervals a try:

8x.5 mi recover back to under 120 BPM if you have a heartrate monitor. If not, take 2 minutes rest.

Over level 8 will give you a time of 1:20 on the big fan about 1:20 on the small fan.  Try to get them all in 1:20 or 1:10

2 Responses to “28 Minutes of Intervals”

  1. Rob- I don’t think HR is a great measure of intensity but, we use it. I also think it is the only way to measure recovery. The things you mentioned above are interesting but don’t exist at the present. HR is not perfect but, it is easy.

  2. I have read other posts that suggested you were not a fan of using HR as a means of analyzing effort level. Why is HR a better method of determining recovery level? Should we be looking at respiration rate, body temperature, lactate levels, or even hormonal spikes during intense exercise? If you had unlimited access to resources and funding, would there be anything specific you would like to know to enhance your athletes training potential?

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